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MAYDAY-HANSA-BOARD -For professional water and ice rescue



– is developed and marketed by Mayday Scandinavian International AB in Sweden.
– is a surface rescue board for professional rescuer, especially designed to provide professional life rescue personell with an equipment to quickly and safely rescue humans and animals in distress on ice and open water.
– have been operating on the international market for over 15 years  for example in Scandinavia, the Nordic countries, Europe, Baltic countries, USA, Canada and Asia.
– is recommended and used by professional life rescue personell at firebrigades, coast guard by rescue units, rescue training schools and lifesaving associations.
– In Sweden and the Scandinavian countries Mayday-Hansa-Board is included in the officially training programme for professional life rescuers in the fire and rescue school. And the first vehicle out to a surface accident is equipped with a Mayday-Hansa-Board as standard.